Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We're back...

Sorry for the radio silence. I was going through a period where I was eliminating caffiene from my diet. What a foolhardy experiment.

Today, I would like to review the coffee they serve at First Watch, a brunch chain in Ohio, Florida, and a few other states. They serve Sunrise Select, a premium, full-flavored coffee. They bring a pot to your table so you can refill your cup as often as you like. And they will keep it coming if you ask. :) The one I frequent also provides free small cups of coffee on Sunday morning when they are at their busiest and you have to wait a while. It's a nice touch. Of course, it seems wrong not to order a cup once you sit down, after you've been guzzling it for free. Not that I haven't done it. ::whistles and walks away::

The Sunrise Select has a nice rich flavor. A good "wake up" coffee to get you going in the morning. Excellent unsweetened when eating pancakes or waffles. Add a little sugar if you like as you eat your omelets. I find this coffee better than most restaurant offerings. Definitely better than IHOP's. I had that recently and it was drekkish and 1 cup at best. The Sunrise Select gets 3.5 cups. $1.99 for all you can drink.

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